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Gravesend was called Gravesham in the Domesday Book of 1086, changing to Gravesende/Gravesend in a later Domesday document of 1100. Gravesham was adopted as the name of the Borough in 1974. This may derive from graaf-ham "home of the reeve/bailiff/lord of the manor" or possibly grafs-ham "at the end of the grove". Local info at

Gravesend, St Andrew's Church arts centre
St Andrew's Church which is now an arts centre

St Andrew's door  Mission House stained glass fanlight Gravesend
St Andrew's door. General Gordon of Khartoum was a regular Sunday School teacher at the Mission House (see below).

Gravesend, St Andrew's Church arts centre

Gravesend, fuchsias and Tilbury Power Station
The best way to view a power station is through fuchsias

Gravesend pier  Gravesend pier and river Gravesend
Gravesend Pier is the oldest cast iron pier in the world, built in 1834. It was refurbished in 2004.

Gravesend pier with restaurant 6 March 2009
The pier now houses a restaurant, and there is a glazed corridor for public use down the side, so that you can walk to the end of the pier and then admire the view in the open air.

Gravesend riverside from pier
View from the pier

Gravesend, view up the Thames
Looking up the Thames towards the pier

Gravesend, view down the Thames
River Thames flowing to the sea


Gravesend riverfront
Riverfront visitor-friendly with swings, seating, grassy area, toilets and refreshments

Gravesend riverfront cafe

Gravesend river pilot's boat and moorings
River pilot's red boat

Gravesend Tilbury Power Station
Tilbury Power Station on the opposite shore

Gravesend riverfront


Gravesend, Gordon Park pond   Gravesend, Gordon Park pond fountain
Gordon Park, set just back from the riverfront. The park and Gordon Promenade are named after General Charles George Gordon (1833-1885) who was born in Woolwich and served in the British Army. He is famed for his campaigns in China and North Africa. He was responsible for building fortifications at Gravesend to defend the River Thames. General Gordon also suggested the correct site of Golgotha in Palestine, a location now known as The Garden Tomb.

Gravesend, Gordon Park

Gravesend, Gordon Park statue
Statue of General Gordon

Gravesend, Gordon Park high ground walk 1  Gravesend, Gordon Park high ground walk 2
A short walk on higher ground around the park, much more scenic in summer

Gravesend Gordon Park new pond
This newly-built pond (2009) just below the walkway in the above photos has obviously been inspired by a Monet painting. The algae should disappear when it has used up the excess nutrients and I am sure I espied some water lilies lurking underneath. There is a big paved circle in front where a modern-day Monet can sit and paint. Well done to the person in the Parks Department who designed it!

Gravesend, Gordon Park bandstand

Gravesend, May Queen event in bandstand
May Queen event in May 2006

Gravesend, May Queen event dancing
Toes were tapping in the crowd and this "river dance" was as good as Riverdance!

Gravesend May Queen event, lifeboat demonstration  Gravesend May Queen event, rowing competition
May Queen event Lifeboat demonstration and Gravesend Rowing Club competition

Gravesend ship 1  Gravesend ship 2  Gravesend ship 3 Gravesend
Passing ships provide unending leisurely interest. The tiny boats in the middle photo are moored there to advertise local businesses during the May Queen event.

Gravesend, riverfront view
If you notice the unconcerned pigeons on the left and the little dog approaching from the right, you have a short, exciting but predictable story in the making!



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