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Blue Bell Hill
Crossness Engines
Crossness Ironwork

Greenwich Cutty Sark
Margate, Herne Bay xxx& Swalecliffe
Otford & Shoreham
Rochester 1
Rochester 2
Stockwood Park
Toad Rock
Tunbridge Wells

Autumn Leaves
Campanula 1
Campanula 2
Campanula 3
Daffodil Heads
Daffodil Groups
Fuchsia 1
Fuchsia 2
Pansy Heads Cool
Pansy Heads Warm
Pansy Groups
Prunus Pink
Prunus White
Tulip Heads 1
Tulip Heads 2
Tulip Groups

Frost & Ice
Sky 1 Warm
Sky 2 Cool
Sky 3 Stormy
Weather Effects


Rivers 1
Rivers 2
Rivers 3
Rivers 4
Surface Patterns


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Comprehensive set of links to a huge number of weathercharts, ideal for professionals, hobbyists, students and travel arrangements. Every day I consult the simpler stuff at the UK Met Office:

Cloud Appreciation Society Their website is a huge resource of cloud photos, articles and information.

Rain Later, Good Illustrating the Shipping Forecast, by Peter Collyer, ISBN-0-901281-75-1 The author has produced exceedingly beautiful pictures of the sea and coast, accompanied by description of his sketching travels to the areas. A lot of skill and work has gone into the paintings, they are not dashed off to fill a book to sell. Although they are watercolours, they have the delicate and detailed appearance that one gets with very sharp colour pencils. You can confidently buy this book for a weatherbuff friend.


Check them out at

Smile International

"Smile International is a charity dedicated to sharing the love of Jesus Christ by helping to relieve suffering and poverty through long-term development projects. Our aim is to put a smile on people's faces as they see the love of God in action."

Smile International are getting the job done exactly as described above faith in action. Registered Charity No. 1163423.

Tools With A Mission
TWAM collect and refurbish tools, sewing machines and equipment no longer required, and send them out to developing countries to enable people to earn a living and regain their independence. Based in Ipswich, Suffolk, with volunteer collectors/sorters around the UK. Their website gives a list of tools required. Registered Charity No. 1104903.


The Donkey Sanctuary founded by Dr Elisabeth Svendsen MBE for distressed and abused donkeys. Based in Sidmouth, Devon, UK. Their website has a live webcam in their barn Registered Charity No. 264818.

The Brooke works to improve the conditions of working animals of burden horse, donkeys and mules on which many of the world's poorest people rely for their living, through veterinary services and animal handling/welfare training. This helps both owner and animal to a better and longer life. Registered Charity No. 1085760.

Reptile Events
Education on responsible reptile care through visiting schools, clubs and events with their rescued snakes and lizards. Their care for the animals' welfare is plainly evident on the public occasions where I have visited their stand. Based in London, UK.

Petts Wood May Fayre - Reptile Events - Jane with Nutty the Leopard Gecko Nutty the Leopard Gecko visiting Petts Wood May Fayre

See Yellow Teddy's website for colouring pages of Nutty and some of his friends:

The Woodland Trust works to conserve the UK's woodland and ancient forests.  Their work is to "acquire and restore ancient woodland sites, fight to save woods under threat ... create new woodland for wildlife and people to enjoy ... We own and care for over 1,000 woods, covering 50,000 acres (20,000 hectares), virtually all of which are open for all to visit." Registered Charity No. 294344 (England & Wales) and No. SC038885 (Scotland).



Moore Life Ministries
Moore Life Ministries is run by Keith Moore, based in Missouri, USA, offering stable and trustworthy teaching of Bible truths "...speaking the truth in love" (Ephesians 4:15). He has served many years in healing ministry and is greatly experienced in providing timely faith-building instruction, in a friendly manner. The ministry's website offers all their teachings, sermons, songs, etc as free downloads for your edification. I would count it a great honour to be able to introduce you, via this link, to this man of God.

Bible Gateway  Online search facility of over 100 versions of the Bible.

Wordless Book First used by Charles Haddon Spurgeon in a sermon delivered in 1866, showing just three coloured pages black, red and white. Green and gold were added over time by others. The talk that goes with the book can be found in more up-to-date language and shorter, but the original is where to start.


Structure and Expression for Flowers in Watercolour
by Jean Martin, ISBN1-929834-22-5

Gouache, A Personal View
by Pamela Kay, ISBN 0-7153-1119-0 The artist describes and shows stages of her paintings as they progress.

The Artist's Guide to Selecting Colours, by Michael Wilcox, ISBN 09587-891-8-5 All about all the colours in the all the tubes. He has both artistic and scientific background. Surprising information on your favourite trusted paints. Composition of paints sold is changing all the time but any age copy of the book will be informative.

Blue And Yellow Don't Make Green (or how to mix the colour you want every time) by Michael Wilcox, ISBN 0-9587891-9-3
Describes the process in detail in a lucid and methodical manner.

The Painted Garden, A Year in Words and Watercolors
by Mary Woodin, ISBN 0-7624-1530-4
This is a painted garden diary sketchbook

Making Needlecraft Landscapes, by Mary Carroll, ISBN 0-7153-8797-9
I like this book just for the pictures. The embroideries were submitted by the winners of a competition, and the landscapes and sceneries are lovely. There is instruction in basic embroidery, plus outline drawings to reproduce the scenes and step-by-step instructions for each one. I read it from composition point of view, as it is very helpful to see how they have simplified the views.



Outsmarting the Female Fat Cell, by Debra Waterhouse, ISBN 0-340-58813-6
I have read many cellulite books but this one has given me that vital bit of information I need. It is exceedingly easy to read and understand, and I strongly recommend it.

You Are What You Eat, by Gillian McKeith, ISBN 0-718-14765-0
Comprehensive dietary information in a non-nonsense style.

Your Body's Many Cries for Water, by Dr F Batmanghelidj, ISBN 0-95309021-6-X
Written by an Iranian-born doctor who discovered these precepts while he was a political prisoner in a Tehran jail, where water was the only thing he could give suffering inmates. Please persevere through the technical descriptions and gain a valuable weapon in your health armoury.

Inch Loss Plan, by Rosemary Conley, ISBN 0-09-974120-2
Her mature and motivational encouragement is very helpful.

What Would Jesus Eat, by Don Colbert MD PA,
Very informative coverage of all the foods available in Biblical times. Dr Colbert is based in Florida and his website gives all of his other articles and books on nutrition and health. I have read his "What You Don't Know May Be Killing You", "Toxic Relief", "Stress Less", "Deadly Emotions" and "Walking in Divine Health" and was glad I spent my money on these books.

Pure, White and Deadly, by John Yudkin
Information on the dangers of consuming sugar, which is added to so many of our foods. As often happens, the author incurred the displeasure of those who benefit from selling sugar and I am grateful he persevered. This book started me off on healthy eating, cutting out all sugar and regaining well-being, my sense of taste plus a much nicer waistline. It's never too late to dump the junk.


Is There Life After Housework? and How To Win At Housework, by Don Aslett,
This author started the bottom in his college days and built up a successful cleaning business. His logical and common sense approach to every aspect of cleaning work, and reducing the amount necessary, is priceless. Plenty of gentle humour and very likeable. He has written many more since I bought the above.

The Life Laundry (How To De-Junk Your Life), by Dawna Walter and Mark Franks
Concentrates on the emotional reasons why people cling to clutter and rubbish, as well as providing practical tips on organising routines to prevent a return of the dreaded stuff. She understands that success is dependent on encouraging the person to deal with the underlying issues. Gentle, kind, practical. Mark Franks' expertise is in disposing of the saleable items. I bought a copy that someone else had finished with, and now someone else has my copy!

Vinegar, Duct Tape, Milk Jugs & More, by Earl Proulx, ISBN 0-89909-385-X
"1001 ingenious ways to use common household items to repair, restore, revive or replace just about everything in your life"
A dip-in book that combats our costly throwaway mentality. Thick chunky book chock full with the emphasis on "ingenious".


I have several websites devoted to Pitman's New Era Shorthand: - complete theory, advice on equipment and learning, fully vocalised shorthand reading material with text key, downloadable PDFs, and JPGs for your Ipod. Everything is totally free. Extensive reading practice material, all of which is also available as PDF and MP3 downloads. This reading site covers all the archive blog articles since 2012, and the blogspots below contain only the most recent months material: Blog written in Pitman's New Era Shorthand, with text key and photo illustrations. Short snippets of quickly written less-than-neat shorthand without key, to test your shorthand deciphering skills.



"Whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable if anything is excellent or praiseworthy think about such things." (Philippians 4:8)

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